how to use crontab and cron.daily

Mikkel L. Ellertson mikkel at
Fri Jul 7 21:59:46 UTC 2006

nigel henry wrote:
> Hi. I'm interested in setting up a cronjob. I'm using FC2, and using the 
> working example, crontab -l returned "no crontab for <user-name>" , so using 
> the suggested syntax I added myself to /etc/cron.allow, but trying crontab -l 
> still get the same result. There are 2 files in /etc. /etc/crontab, and 
> etc/cron.allow.
What the error message is telling you is that <user-name> has not
created any cron jobs. So there are not jobs to list for that user.
If the user had created any cron jobs, even if they later deleted
the jobs. This is because each user has their own file with their
cron jobs listed in it. This file is create when you run "crontab
-e" and save the file. This file is not automatically created when
create a new user, or add them to cron.allow. That way, cron does
not have to process a lot of empty files.


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