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Mikkel L. Ellertson mikkel at
Sat Jul 8 15:49:24 UTC 2006

Claude Jones wrote:
> On Saturday July 08 2006 10:38 am, Gene Heskett wrote:
>> I may investigate that when I get home, sounds like a good deal. Â I
>> already run SA at home. Â I suppose one has to put up with an appended
>> advertisement to get this?
> On a slightly different note, I just signed up for a package from
> Their baseline package is $4.99/mo for a single domain and a thousand email 
> accounts. I got the next one up @ $9.99/mo - actually, I just checked, and 
> they have a new offering @ $2.99 mo for a single domain and 500 email 
> accounts with 5GB of space for your site and 250 GB of traffic - that's 
> _cheap_! And no advertising or funny domain names...

If all you are after is e-mail, and maybe a small web page, you may
want to look at someplace like SiteFlip. $11.40/year with 250 MB
storage, 5 GB transfere, and unlimited e-mail accounts. You do need
to register a domain name as well, but you do not have to do it
through them. You are not going to use up your bandwidth with
e-mail, and that is plenty of storage unless you get a lot of LARGE
attachments that you leave on the server. If you look, you can find
even cheaper sites.

Now, if you have an e-mail account to forward them to, you may be
able to have all email to your domain name forwarded to it. It
depends on who you register it through. I know offers
this, and I am sure other sites do as well.


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