Why I see certain messages from mailing list not ordered corectly by thread

Marcelo Magno T. Sales marcelo.sales at sefaz.pe.gov.br
Mon Jul 10 11:59:34 UTC 2006

Em Sexta 07 Julho 2006 21:59, Tim escreveu:
> Marcelo Magno T. Sales
> >> And about non-related messages appearing in a thread, this often happens
> >> when a subscriber creates a new thread by replying to an existing one
> >> and changing the subject of the message. Some people do this to avoid
> >> typing the list address in the "to:" field when sending messages to the
> >> list. However, the above mentioned "in-reply-to" field in the message
> >> header will keep track of the original message and the "new" message
> >> will appear in the existing thread.
> Anyone who does that also does themselves a disservice.  Many of us will
> ignore certain threads for various reasons.  Some *other* message buried
> in the middle of it will get ignored, too.

Totally agree. However, I've noticed that the people who do this do not use 
the "order by thread" feature of their e-mail client and have no idea of this 
side effect of their action. They end up learning it the hard way, if they're 
lucky :)


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