Why I see certain messages from mailing list not ordered

Tim ignored_mailbox at yahoo.com.au
Mon Jul 10 14:28:12 UTC 2006

Marcelo Magno T. Sales
>>>> And about non-related messages appearing in a thread, this often happens
>>>> when a subscriber creates a new thread by replying to an existing one
>>>> and changing the subject of the message. Some people do this to avoid

Joao Batista Gomes de Freitas:
> Well, I do this way but it is because I receive the list as a digest.
> Is there a better way to do it ?

That's a loaded question...  

Do *you* really gain anything by getting all the messages lumped into
one long one, rather than receiving them as individual messages.  If
not, then I'd change the way you receive them.

If there is an advantage, you probably want to get them delivered as a
MIME digest, and have something that lets your mailer respond to
individual messages in the digest *as* individual messages.  A plain
text digest just strings all the text together, with no individual
headers per message.

How do I receive messages?  As individual ones.  I used to filter
mailing list mail directly into folders for each list, and trawl through
each folder in turn.  But Evolution is damn slow at filtering messages
into folders, and awkward to set up per folder filtering to only display
recent messages in a folder (not to mention slow).  Now I leave all new
mail in the inbox, read through it, deleting as I go, and afterwards
filtering the mail into separate folders.

I've tried Thunderbird, but I detest how it treats all mail as HTML,
even plain text (it re-renders it, it doesn't show it "as is").  I've
tried other Linux clients, but the ones I've tried have their own bug
bears, as well as seeming to have been designed in 1988.

On another area of doing things in a better way, leave a blank line
between quoted text and your responses.  It makes it easier to read, and
quoting is less likely to get messed up in the next reply.

> Where I can found this in-reply-to field (I use Evolution at home) ?

If you change your "message display" viewing option, found in the "view"
menu, you can can see all the headers.  Though that can be a pain.  You
can go into the mail preferences and change which headers are shown by
default.  That tends to be more practical.

Unfortunately, Evolution is rather dumb about what you can do with these
extra headers.  You can't right-click on an address and reply to it
instead of the default one for the message.  You can't right-click on a
message ID and find the message in the folder.  Nor do other useful
things with the data.

>> Anyone who does that also does themselves a disservice.  Many of us will
>> ignore certain threads for various reasons.  Some *other* message buried
>> in the middle of it will get ignored, too.

> Hmm, maybe this is the reason I have got no answer from my questions :-)

Quite likely.  Burying a message in an unrelated thread will mean it
won't get seen by some people.  Also, losing replies, by not keeping the
thread together, will mean that people following a thread will find it
difficult to do so.

If I find someone is making it hard to contribute to a thread, be that
their own one, or interrupting someone else's, I will hit delete and get
rid of the message.  I won't be the only one that does that.

(Currently running FC4, occasionally trying FC5.)

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