Wireless PCMCIA

Jim Lowman jmlowman at sbcglobal.net
Wed Jul 12 00:24:31 UTC 2006

While I'm not inclined to bash the tremendous effort
of many volunteers over many years to bring us a free
and stable OS, this wireless card issue is a hot topic
with me.

As to Windows, this last week when on vacation, I took
my laptop.  While I was able to get a network
connection at two hotels, I could not get on the
Internet to save my life; not even with a dial-up
connection.  So much for Microsoft and plug-and-play. 
Booting FC5, at the hotel where there was an Ethernet
connection, I was on the 'Net without a problem.  At
the next hotel they offered only wireless access, so I
was SOL since my wireless card is not compatible with

Yesterday I asked the question, both on this list and
on LinuxForums, about what a reliable Linux-compatible
wireless card for a Dell 8500 laptop would be, without
having to resort to a custom kernel or ndiswrapper. 
The sum of my responses: 1.

So, I'm puzzled about the lack of response to the
question, since most questions I've seen here get
several responses within the next couple of digests.

I'm more than willing to put in the time to arrive at
a solution before going on the next vacation, but I'm
sure that a number of potential converts from Windows
will not be willing to do so.

Am I being ignored because the answer is out there
somewhere in the archives and no one wants to give me
RTFM as an answer?  I have invested in quite a number
of technical books on Linux and FC5, BTW. as well as
considerable Googling.


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