Wireless PCMCIA

Thom Paine painethom at gmail.com
Wed Jul 12 15:14:47 UTC 2006

On 7/11/06, contact51 <lew at contact51.com> wrote:
> Such a dissapointment.
> Over the recent weeks I have really put in the hours getting to grips with
> Linux by way of Fedora, having progressed from FC3-4 and now FC5.
> Being more than satisfied with results until now. Big problem.
> I went and bought a PCMCIA card for my laptop hoping to be able to use it.

And here I was all excited that this might be a good post about a new
card to buy for my laptop, and it's just some knob who's all pissy
about his wireless card.

I have a USR 5410, a USR 5411, and an old Linksys WPC11v4. I have both
of the USR cards working on FC5 with ndiswrapper, and I'll even send
you the files to get them to go, but you haven't posted anything about
your hardware setup at all. I asked a while ago about getting my 5410
card working, and someone pointed me to the linuxant site and some
reading and googling I was able to get things to go. With this
knowledge, I was able to get the 5411 card to work myself, with the
drivers not being on the net (at least anywhere I could find them).

That being said, if you are so new to Linux, wouldn't you think it
would be prudent to at least ask about the support under Linux for
such a card? If the salesman doesn't know, a post on here would have
saved you the aggravation. The other issue is a wireless card is under
$50. If you can't get it to work, take it back and find one that does

If you're still that stuck, I have a brand new USR 5411 card on the
shelf here that I will send you that came with an access point I
purchased. I will also email you the files you need to get it to work.

Instead of complaining that your card doesn't work and that Linux is a
waste of time, ask for help and help make it better. But then you
sound like one of those guys who aren't happy unless you are
complaining about something. Tomorrow it will probably your lawn


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