network boot/ install and grub?

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Thu Jul 13 15:15:21 UTC 2006

Paul Howarth wrote:

>On Wed, 2006-07-12 at 20:32 -0500, hbrhodes wrote:
>>The really important thing i need to do is get around mounting the main
>>hard drive, so i can resize2fs the main drive.  the computer does not
>>have a cd-rom, just four hard drives (eide kind).  so i'm going to try
>>the grub.conf file and try editing it.... but i don't have any
>>experience with it really.  OR, if i can use GRUB to boot into a folder
>>on the other computer so i can reinstall.  though i would rather resize
>It sounds like simply booting the installer image is all you need (so
>you can get into rescue mode and do the resize2fs). You can do that
>using grub on the same machine:
>Incidentally, have you tried ext2online? It might save you a lot of
>trouble if you're not making a really big size change.
i tried to YUM it and i recieved a lot of conflicts with ext2online with 
the already installed e2fsprogs.  i naturally tried to uninstall 
e2fsprogs and recieved a flood of programs that would be uninstalled so 
i quit the attempt.  hehe ... i will look into your recommendations though!

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