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> Tod, I have been using Linux on my home system before SCO bought up
> Caldera.  Many home systems will work with it just fine.
> Try it on a Laptop and you'll have lots of problems with finding
> hardware drivers for built in modems, WIFI, video, etc.

I'm writing this from my Dell Inspiron 9400/E1705 laptop.  I didn't
have lots of problems finding drivers for it.

The nvidia card is supported nicely by the open source nv driver and
for those that aren't satisfied with that there's the closed source
driver from nVidia.

The built in wireless is a brand spanking new Intel PRO/Wireless 3945,
which Intel has released an open source driver for.

As of the 2.6.17, even the built in SD card reader has a driver in the
mainline kernel.

I think the only piece of hardware I haven't tested out is the modem,
and I have no plans to do so as I don't need or want a modem.  I knew
that when I bought the laptop and spent 0 time even worrying whether
the modem had a driver available.

> It can be done with some Laptops, but only a select few (IBMs tend
> to be ok).

Ever see the lists on www.linux-on-laptops.com or
tuxmobil.org/mylaptops.html?  It's quite a bit more than a select few
laptops that can and do run linux well.

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