600X Sound After Resume

Chris Schumann chris at idlelion.net
Fri Jul 14 11:23:19 UTC 2006

I'm running FC5 on two 600X's that exhibit the same problem: No sound after
a resume. I know I can rmmod the snd_cs46xx module and modprobe it, but I
can't do that (even as root) when I'm logged in an X session because it's in
use. lsmod shows that it's being used by one process, but gives no name.

As a work-around, I can log out, use a console session and stop and start
the module. When I log back in, sound is back.

Is there a way to 1) automate the work-around, 2) fix the driver or 3) use
some other driver/tool?

I'm afraid I might miss responses to the list, so please try to copy me.
I'll post any solution to thinkwiki.

Chris S

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