PHP/MySQL question

Peter Arremann loony at
Sat Jul 15 02:45:41 UTC 2006

On Friday 14 July 2006 22:40, Daniel B Bicknell wrote:
> Apache is already set up to run PHP, however PHP has not been set
> up to interact with MySQL.  After checking the PHP docs at, I
> discovered that PHP needs to be recompiled with the '-with-mysql' option;
> additionally, the php.ini file needs to be altered to load php_mysql.dll.

I think this is the main portion of your post. The docs on are generic 
documents and does not take into consideration how a distribution may package 
php. (This is very very common in Linux).

For FC5, simply run yum install php-mysql. That will install all 3 mysql 
interfaces - legacy mysql, current mysqli and object oriented pdo_mysql.

Btw, on linux it would be . All linux shared libraries end 
with .so - DLL is a windows problem ;)


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