unable to su - to root or to any user on FC3 (solved)

Ankush Grover ankush174 at gmail.com
Sat Jul 15 14:43:51 UTC 2006

On 7/15/06, Ankush Grover <ankush174 at gmail.com> wrote:
> hey friends,
>  I ran short of space on my server FC3 today I installed 200 GB hard
> disk on the server. Created new partitions and in init 1 level
> transfer the data of /home and some other data partitions onto the new
> hard disk.
> I used cp -rvp  for copying the contents.
> Everything is working fine except I can't su - to root or to any user.
> I checked the logs in init 1 level it shows
>  pam_timestamp_check: pam_timestamp: '/' owner GID!=0
> Than I chown root.root /
> Now the above message is not coming but the below messages are there
> unix_chkpasswd[4605]: password check for user(xxxxx)
>  mail su (pam_unix) [4604]: authentication failure: logname=uid=600
> euid=600 tty = ruser=xxxx rhost = user=root
> I am giving the correct password but I am not able to su -  where can
> be the problem.
chmod 4755 /bin/su ---> solved the problem


Ankush Grover

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