fc2 upgrade to fc5

Michael P. Brininstool mikepb at hoplite.org
Sat Jul 15 19:12:45 UTC 2006

Jonathan Carpenter wrote:
> I have an old fc2 server that is in production running
> sendmail,dhcpd,webmin,webmail I am wanting to upgrade to fc5 but I am
> afraid this may cause problems. Has there been any problems with any
> upgrade like this?
>                        Thanks,
>                                     Jonathan Carpenter

We went from FC1 to FC4 and FC2 to FC5....
imapd will break, sendmail will break, apache config might break

I had major trouble with these.  had to kill cyrus-imapd because it
appears to support only maildir format.  With hundreds of users using
mbox format for 8+ years, maildir format was verboten!  sendmail changed
quite a bit, but we got it working.  Apache was easy to fix.

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