Checking internet connection without a winbox

Dotan Cohen dotancohen at
Sun Jul 16 06:47:53 UTC 2006

On 16/07/06, Aaron Konstam <akonstam at> wrote:
> I am sorry you are still having this problem. I thought you had already
> found a solution. Maybe its the bits are going right to left and not
> left to right (sorry a private joke related to Dotan being in Israel)

Actually the router modem had abducted 3 bits and injured 7 more- the
router is retaliating.

> I just tried something that might help. I pinged my router. No packets
> lost.  If you do that you could eliminate traffic from your machine to
> the router. Then as was suggested a combination of ping and traceroute
> should pinpoint where on the route trace the packets are beginning to be
> lost. It seems to me that would localize the problem.

I had run mtr many times, the router itself does have some loss, as do
other nodes in the system. So I'd like to connect the machine directly
to the router, but then I can't dial in to the ISP. Maybe someone here
could advise me on how to do that? This is my dial-in connection
information, taken from the routers' control panel:
WAN Type: L2TP
IP Mode: Dynamic IP Address
Server IP Address:
L2TP Account: etykot at CActcom
L2TP Password: SecretPassword

Windows machines can dial in using the ISP's dialer, or using the
built-in windows dialer.

> As an OT comment I was sorry to hear Haifa was now being attacked. I
> hope that has not impacted your life too much. I read a story that there
> is a Hasidic sect in Jerusalem that each night goes out on "Hitbodadut"
> to be alone to scream. That is want I want to do when I think of the
> situation is your region of the world at this time.

Well, if I am called up for service then I won't have to think about
packet loss for a few weeks. Wait- explosions-gotta go....

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