Mobile phone tools/integration ?

Timothy Murphy tim at
Sun Jul 16 11:48:33 UTC 2006

Andy Campbell wrote:

> My new laptop has bluetooth installed and I've been searching around
> for any tools that will allow me to communicate with my Mobile/Cell
> phone  e.g. send text/SMS messages etc.  I can transfer pictures from the
> phone to my laptop but thats about it.
> A friend of mine has Mac which has a nice tool that flashes a message
> on the screen with the caller details when his phone rings.  Cool if
> you phone is on silent - or are listening to music with headphones
> I've search on Freshmeat, and googled around there doesn't really seem
> to be anything similar for linux.  Anyone know of anything ?  The phone
> is Sony Ericsson K750i.

Have you looked at gnokii?
Although originally aimed at Nokia phones,
it seems now to be usable with many other mobiles.

[I used to use gnokii with my Sony-Ericsson T630 via bluez (Bluetooth),
but unfortunately my Bluetooth laptop - a Sony Picturebook - has died.]

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