Problem booting OS on IDE PCI adaptor card with Grub in MBR of hda

Tony Nelson tonynelson at
Sun Jul 16 20:09:32 UTC 2006

At 9:37 PM +0200 7/16/06, Nigel Henry wrote:
>On Sunday 16 July 2006 20:01, Tony Nelson wrote:
>>     grub> boot(<TAB>
>slight typo above, should be
>       grub> boot (<TAB>

Oops, correct.

>Yeh, the command works fine, giving me hd0, hd1, and hd2. If I'd known that
>before getting into that stalemate situation of trying to install Grub on the
>non-existant hd4, it would have saved so much time.

Hopefully it will save someone some time.

>The problem, particularly with bootloaders, whether Grub, or LiLo, is that
>normally you don't have to mess with them. It's only when you start to get
>involved with multiple installs, on more than one disk, that you need to
>learn a bit more about them. Added to that, many man pages are not
>particularly easy to work with, especially for newbies, and therefore the
>bootloader appears to be some sort of "dark art", needing mysterious
>incantations to get it to work.
>Personally, I'm always happy to learn more, and get my hands dirty under the
>hood at the same time. the next thing is to set up a new list (pencil and
>paper) of Grub commands.
>I still think the drive map is incorrect for FC2's grub, installed in the MBR
>of hda, although it's working ok.
># this device map was generated by anaconda
>(fd0)     /dev/fd0
>(hd0)     /dev/hda
>(hd1)     /dev/hdb
>(hd2)     /dev/hdc
>I think I need to change the (hd2)     /dev/hdc  line to (hd2)   /dev/hde,
>hdc is the device for the cdwriter, and hde is the device name for the third
>harddrive on the IDE PCI adaptor card. I'll try that later this evening.

Seems reasonable to me.

>Thanks for the command.

You're welcome.
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