spca5xx freezes system

Andy Green andy at warmcat.com
Sun Jul 16 21:22:56 UTC 2006

Lonni J Friedman wrote:

> The bottom line is that this guy clearly has no clue what is wrong,
> and as long as it "works for him" he has no interest in investigating.

I also had an FC kernel freeze on insmod of this project, but to cut the 
guy some slack it is hard for him to get anywhere debugging it if he 
doesn't have a Fedora / GCC4-kernel box around to provoke the symptoms; 
maybe for money or time reasons that's insurmountable for him.

It seems he is making a rewrite anyway so perhaps this can help. 
Webcams seem to stand revealed as the last remaining bastion of poor 
support, even Wifi seems to be coming together.


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