Samsung ML-2010 and Fedora Core 5

Thierry Sayegh linux at
Mon Jul 17 06:53:47 UTC 2006

Heikki Pesonen wrote:
> I installed the printer to WindowsXP and it went well (of course :). I 
> even could print advice how to install ML-2010 to a Linux computer, 
> but that did not work (of course :( "You must specify a device"!
> I started to seek the graphical tool from the Gnome desktop to 
> configure the printer, in the previous Kde-desktops I have tried I 
> have always found one, but Fedora Core 5 seems not to have it. It does 
> not matter, because I could also use the terminal, but were to start?
system-config-printer should be of help

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