atrpms kernel modules

Eric Tanguy eric.tanguy at
Tue Jul 18 07:10:20 UTC 2006

Le mardi 18 juillet 2006 à 03:24 +0200, Axel Thimm a écrit :
> On Mon, Jul 17, 2006 at 11:42:46PM +0200, Eric Tanguy wrote:
> > When i upgrade a kernel on my system, i have to install manually
> > (nothing available as yum update) the kernel module ? At least it is
> > what i need to do with spca5xx-kmdl-2.6.17-1.2157_FC5.i686. Why this is
> > not do by yum update ?
> Because such packages have a two-dimensional evr (one for the kernel
> and one for the module itself) and neither rpm, nor any higher
> depsolver supports this (other than apt & lua).
> But it's not a real problem, on ATrpms' archives you'll find
> three-line recipes that effectively do what you want it to do.
I don't have this problem with kernel module from livna but it does not
matter. If there is a recipe to do this, can you please give me a more
precise pointer and maybe this recipe need to be somewhere on your

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