How to understand what screensaver (xscreensaver gnome-screensaver kscreensaver) is used

Rex Dieter rdieter at
Wed Jul 19 15:59:16 UTC 2006

Ambrogio wrote:

> Il giorno mer, 19/07/2006 alle 08.04 -0500, Rex Dieter ha scritto:
>> Ambrogio wrote:
>> > I'm using KDE
>> > So questions are:
>> > Why screensaver doesn't work for root, and before worked.
>> KDE's screensaver WORKSFORME (as root, or otherwise).
> Ok, so I think you can help me solving my problem :-)
> How can I explicitly tell to KDE to use kde screensaver and not
> gnome-screensaver or xscreensaver?

First, KDE doesn't use gnome-screensaver, so that's easy.  

Second, KDE uses xscreensaver for most of it's screensavers, but it's not
obvious how to tell which of those listed in 
KControl -> Appearance&Themes -> ScreenSaver
are native KDE screensavers.  The easiest way I know of is to select one,
and click "Setup".  If the window that appears it titled "... - KXSConfig",
that means it is xscreensaver-based.

-- Rex

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