Installing Fedora core 5

Twaha Daudi tdmlwilo at
Wed Jul 19 19:36:39 UTC 2006

Hi all,
  Iam new to this forum and to the linux world too.I would like to join the world of linux,but have problem on installing  Linux fedora core 5 to my Laptop.The laptop specifications are:
  Intel processor II 400MhZ,
  RAM               128MB
  Hard Disk        5GB
  I have done the following:
  1.Download the  5 iso files and burnt on the CDs using  CDBurner Xp pro 3
  2.Tried to install, the installation steps (graphical) can go up to installation method where I have selected  cd ,then selecting keyboard after that it is ejecting the cd,and getting message that it fedora core CD is not found.
  Is the laptop specification less than the required?.if not how can I install it.
  Thanks for your help

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