Robert P. J. Day rpjday at mindspring.com
Wed Jul 19 21:23:17 UTC 2006

On Wed, 19 Jul 2006, Norm wrote:

> I have been cross trained in several different career paths.  Each
> career area has its own peculiarities and attracts very different
> types of people. The IT world seems to attract types that can not
> accept someone else may have different way of doing things.

no, what we find it hard to accept is people doing things in a
demonstrably *inferior* way that forces the rest of us to have to
accommodate them.  top-posting is not simply a different way of doing
things, it is a *worse* way of doing things.  deal with it.

> And the intolerance and abuse that is often displayed when someone
> has a different way of accomplishing the same objective astounds me.

with all due respect, you're full of it.  it's well-established
history that, when someone top posts, they're normally reminded quite
politely that that's kind of frowned upon and would they please not do
that.  most of the time, the reaction is, "oh, i'm sorry, i won't do
it again," at which point life goes on and we all get back to work,
fine-tuning our plans for world domination.

occasionally (and sadly), one encounters a complete butthead whose
attitude is, "yeah, well i *like* top-posting and that's how i'm gonna
do it and the rest of you can just live with it, so there!!"  *those*
are the people who get roasted, so you can drop that sanctimonious
attitude of yours, norm.

most importantly, if it's a well-established principle that one does
not top post, then it's counter-productive to get into an argument
over it, particularly on a mailing list where you're asking other
people for help.  one would think that would have been obvious.

> I know I can follow most threads whether the individual postings are
> top bottom or even interspersed through the original posting. Norm

good for you.  and since all of those techniques would seem to be
equally effective for you, you can just humour us and do it *our* way.
then everybody's happy.


p.s.  and did i mention that you should trim your quotes, too?  :-)

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