The Linux eternal problem with reading CD/DVDs...

Mikkel L. Ellertson mikkel at
Thu Jul 20 02:38:20 UTC 2006

Paul Smith wrote:
> I have similar problems with reading the same media on MS Windows.
> Then, the problem has to be with that particular media and not with
> Linux. It is a new media and I am surprising why it so suddenly ceased
> to work fine. Maybe NeroLinux recorded it using a higher speed than
> the recommended one.... well, I do not know. I am now using a
> different media with the same material recorded and it works with no
> problem.
> Paul
I have found some media that will not burn at its rated speed in
some burners. The funny part is that the same media may burn fine in
 another burner. I also find that if I want to be sure of being able
to read the burned media in a different drive, that it is better to
burn CDs are 16x, and DVDs at 4x. When it comes to rewritable CDs,
there are 2 types. One is good from 1x to 4x and the other from 4x
up. Most drives that will write rewritable CDs will only do one or
the other, not both. Drives rated for only the 1x to 4x rewritable
CDs do not normally handle the 4x+ CDs, even at the 4x speed.


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