Amavisd does not start

Chris Jones linux at
Thu Jul 20 13:38:01 UTC 2006

Justin Willmert wrote:
> Chris Jones wrote:
>> Nicolas Mailhot wrote:
>>> Le mercredi 19 juillet 2006 à 21:08 +0100, Chris Jones a écrit :
>>>> I have chosen to install amavis-new with my FC5 installation. This 
>>>> also loads clamav. However, when I look at the amavis service, I 
>>>> get the response "amavisd dead but subsys locked". I have checked 
>>>> everything I can think of, but cannot get amavisd to start. Does 
>>>> anyone here have any suggestions?
>>> 1. remove the dangling lock
>>> 2. start amavis
>>> 3. take a peek in /var/log/maillog
>> I looked for the dangling lock. However, I can find nothing. I would 
>> expect to find it (with amavisd running) at /var/run/amavisd/ along 
>> with the pid file, but there is nothing. Where else should I look?
> Try looking in /var/lock/subsys.
I have tried that. I removed the hanging lock, which when checked, 
stopped amavisd. However, on starting amavisd, apparently successfully, 
after checking the status, amavisd was again dead but subsys locked.

I seem to be going around in circles. HOW do I correct this???

Chris Jones

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