trouble booting FC5. Please help!

Jim Cornette fc-cornette at
Thu Jul 20 23:25:13 UTC 2006

Mikkel L. Ellertson wrote:
> I do not think this will work, because when the op deleted the /boot
> partition, the installed kernels and everything except the first
> stage Grub loader were deleted. The kernel(s) and the rest of Grub
> can probably be copied from the second install, but the
> init-<version>.img will have to be rebuilt to use the proper volume
> group. Then the grub.conf file will have to be edited to change
> VolGroup01 to VolGroup01. Then doing a grub-install would work. But
> it would also stop the second installation from booting. You would
> ether have to change where the first stage gets installed, and the
> add a chainload entry in the Grubconf on the second drive. Or modify
> the Grub install on the second FC5 installation, and chainload from
> the frist install.
> Mikkel

I missed that portion of the posting content. Since there were two 
installations, I figured they were intact. The absense of grub in the 
MBR was my focus.

It is probably possible to boot both installations from the same boot 
partition and let the root filesystem be referenced to match the 
particular installation. I think it would be a mess during updates to 
the kernel though.

I have successfully booted systems by just varying the root reference 
before. They were the same versions relatively.


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