Amavisd does not start

Justin Willmert justin at
Fri Jul 21 15:43:42 UTC 2006

Chris Jones wrote:
> Justin Willmert wrote:
>> I guess next I'd suggest looking at the init.d file and seeing what 
>> it is doing. I do it sometimes when something isn't working right and 
>> try to recreate the steps by hand, seeing where it goes wrong. 
>> Sometimes it leads me to the problem area where I can finally get an 
>> idea of what should be changed.
> Following your suggestion, I put the following commands through in a 
> terminal session:-
> [commands clipped]
> I am even more puzzled. The normal 'service amavisd start', 'service 
> amavisd stop', and 'service amavisd restart' all fail for one reason 
> or another, yet this technique seems to do the job.
As I see you figured out from another post, the culprit was SELinux...I 
find many times that *is* the problem, so doing a setenforce 0 and then 
trying to start the program usually helps a lot. Just to give you some 
info into why the commands worked from the command line and not from the 
normal service amavisd start method was because of how SELinux handled 
the commands...

When you run the command service amavisd start, somewhere along the way 
amavisd is started by a program that is running under init_t context (I 
think), and the policy for amavisd says that an amavis_exec_t should 
change to amavis_t (<-Not sure of the context there either) when in an 
init_t context.

Your command line on the other hand is running as unconfined_t. There 
aren't any policy commands saying that amavis_exec_t should change to 
amavis_t running context under unconfined_t, so amavisd is left as an 
unconfined_t process, in which amavisd isn't blocked from reading the 
files it wants to.

I'm not 100% sure of that, but I think that is at least a mostly 
truthful about how SELinux works. I've been trying to learn SELinux 
lately, and knowing some of this helps when debugging why a program 
isn't working as it should. Anybody more knowledgeable should feel free 
to correct me...I'd like to understand better myself.

Hope you find this informative,

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