Gordon Messmer yinyang at
Sun Jul 23 02:24:27 UTC 2006

Jim Patterson wrote:
> I was thinking about setting up a computer with the capability to do a 
> PXE installation using kickstart.  I was wondering if anybody could tell 
> me how do I prevent the system from reinstalling accidentally (power 
> outage ...) upon reboot after I have completed the installation?

First, machines normally only PXE boot if you press a specific key 
during the boot sequence.  Following the reboot after install, they'll 
just boot from the hard drive.

In case you find some crazy machine that behaves otherwise, you can set 
up your PXE config to boot from the hard drive unless you specifically 
choose a kickstart install.  Use a "default" PXE config like this:

prompt 1
timeout 600
display list.txt
default localboot

label localboot
         localboot 0

label rhel4
         kernel rhel4u3/vmlinuz
         append initrd=rhel4u3/initrd.img 
ks=nfs:installhost:/kickstart/server-rhelas4.conf ksdevice=eth0

... you'll need to fix that last line.  Everything after "append" should 
be on one line.

> Is there a command line I can  input  during the installation to tell  
> it the ks file is on an FTP server or at an NFS location if I start an 
> installation from CD-ROM?

Yes, use the same ks=<URL> argument that you use in the PXE config.

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