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Jim Patterson wrote:
> I was thinking about setting up a computer with the capability to do a
> PXE installation using kickstart.  I was wondering if anybody could tell
> me how do I prevent the system from reinstalling accidentally (power
> outage ...) upon reboot after I have completed the installation?  Do I
> need to change the configuration files in my DHCP server for this?
not necessarily.
Gordon's advice is good stuff if you want your machines to always boot
from the network.
An alternative is to fix the boot order of your client machine such that
it boots from local hard disk before network.
We have a lot of machines that are configured this way:
BIOS boot order
1. removeable drives(Floppy, CD, etc)
2. Local Hard Disk
3. Network/PXE

then the network boot only happens if the harddrive boot fails (i.e. you
or someone else have blatted the MBR)

> Is there a command line I can  input  during the installation to tell 
> it the ks file is on an FTP server or at an NFS location if I start an
> installation from CD-ROM?

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