Gnome stops wireless

Tod Merley todbot88 at
Mon Jul 24 07:00:28 UTC 2006

On 7/23/06, dpet <activecs at> wrote:
> I cant think where to look for this problem. Perhaps someone can help
> me.
>        If I run kernel  2.6.16-1.2133 my ipw2200  wireless works well.
> If I use a newer kernel (such as 2133  or 2157) it works fine in level 3
> text mode, but starting Gnome causes it to stop after a few  seconds or
> a couple of minutes. I can't restart it except by rebooting. I don't
> know why something can be so variable, and don't know where to go from
> here.  As far as I can see, no logs tell me anything. Output from
> ifconfig and iwconfig seem to be the same before and after this occurs.
> Thanks for any suggestions.
> DP
> Adelaide South Australia
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Hi DP!

If you are useing ndiswrapper and you have not established a 16k stack in
your kernel the wireless use of the stack plus gnomes use of the stack may
well blow your current 4k stack.

A thought.

Good hunting!

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