Mail Server

Paul Howarth paul at
Tue Jul 25 11:48:44 UTC 2006

Vinayak Mahadevan wrote:
> I am basically confused as to what mailing system I should use. Sendmail or
> qmail? Because in one site they had mentioned that sendmail is not that good
> compared to qmail.

It would appear that you've already managed to start the 
regularly-scheduled which-MTA-is-best discussion. Rather than advising 
you which one to use, I'll just say that there are a variety of decent 
mail servers available in Core and Extras (e.g. sendmail, Postfix, 
Exim), which can be installed using yum (in fact sendmail will almost 
certainly already be installed on your system).

You won't find qmail on that list because it is not free software and 
needs patching quite heavily before it's usable on the modern Internet, 
all of which you would need to do yourself. So I'd steer clear of qmail 
and go for one of the packaged servers, which should be easier to get 
going, especially for a beginner in mail server administration.


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