vlc problem with mms stream on FC5

Adel ESSAFI adel.essafi at laposte.net
Tue Jul 25 13:46:20 UTC 2006

Dear all
I try to lisetn to my radio on linux (on windows all goes right). no  
tool can makes me listen (mplayer , xine) and vlc crashes (tool above).
With mplayer , I listen to the stream but with some breaks. Does it 
exists an other tool to listen to mms stream.
Thank you for help

root at ketsei ~]# vlc mms://stream.mosaiquefm.net/mosaique64k
VLC media player 0.8.4a Janus
[00000277] access_mms access: selecting stream[0x1] audio (15 kb/s)
[00000277] access_mms access: connection successful
vlc: pcm_plug.c:384: snd_pcm_plug_change_channels:  l'assertion « 
snd_pcm_format_linear(slv->format) » a échoué.

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