Claude Jones claude_jones at
Wed Jul 26 00:07:37 UTC 2006

On Tuesday July 25 2006 11:42 am, Lyvim Xaphir wrote:
> It's possible that mencoder would be able to convert your VOB files over
> to an acceptable format.  Mencoder is part of the Mplayer toolbox.  That
> would be the first thing I would try.  But the first thing you need to
> do is make sure your VOB files are not encrypted. I haven't gone thru
> this entire thread so I don't know the exact source of your VOB's, but
> if they are coming from a store or have been purchased they are probably
> encrypted and need to be decrypted before editing or conversion.  FC5
> has sources available for decryption of this type.
> Assuming that they aren't encrypted, I'd start with mencoder to begin
> conversion to other video formats.

One thing not mentioned in this thread is the nature of .vob files. 
Essentially, they are mpg2 files with additional meta-data. Some editing 
programs such as Sony's Vegas (from MS land), can deal with them directly on 
the timeline. You might just try using some of the editors available in Linux 
to see if that holds true as's a stretch, but easy to try. This is 
only a suggestion, and maybe someone else has already tried this - I haven't, 
so I have no direct knowledge, except that I've done this in Vegas. 
Claude Jones
Brunswick, MD, USA

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