rhel3 and adaptec 39160 boot problems

Alexander Dalloz ad+lists at uni-x.org
Wed Jul 26 21:23:54 UTC 2006

Janez Košmrlj schrieb:

> I installed this card into my pc running rhel3 to connect a scsi disk. 
> Kudzu recognised it correctly and it inserted a line in 
> /etc/modules.conf to load the AIC7xxx driver. The problem is, the 
> module doesn't start when the pc is booting. I don't get an error in 
> /var/log/messages or when i run the dmesg command. The system acts as 
> the device isn't there. When i run modprobe aic7xxx the scsi 
> controller starts working and works without problems.
> thnx Janez

This isn't the proper list for RHEL releases.
Anyway, simple fix is to mkinitrd a new initrd.img with the SCSI driver 
included. mkinitrd includes it automatically if you added "alias 
scsi_hostadapter aic7xxx" to /etc/modules.conf.


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