smb.conf (a little help please)

jdow jdow at
Fri Jul 28 01:57:45 UTC 2006

From: "hbrhodes" <hbrhodes at>

> Mikkel L. Ellertson wrote:
>>hbrhodes wrote:
>>>i have been trying to get this working for hours.  i have finally gotten
>>>the file to allow me to get to the samba server from a windows machine,
>>>however, the thing won't let me write.  Can i get some help please? 
>>>i've tried the howto's and i think my brain is shutting down.  i've
>>>tried trimming down the useless entries to what i have changed.
>><----------------------------------[ SNIP ]---------------------------->
>>>  comment = Home Directories
>>>  browseable = no
>>>  writable = yes
>>>       comment = public files
>>>       path = /misc/R2314
>>>       writeable = yes
>>>       read only = no
>>>       browseable = yes
>>>       public = no
>>>       printable = no
>>>       valid users = hbrhodes, klrhodes
>>>       create mask = 0765
>>Dumb question - can you see hbrhodes and klrhodes home directory?
>>(Depending on the Windows user.) Also, can hbrhodes and klrhodes
>>write to /misc/R2314? If not, you may want to use "force user" to
>>set the uid used when Samba writes to the share.
> i can see the home directory and i can see the R2314 directory 
> contents.  however, it will not let me write to either, and it will not 
> let me see the files in the directory, it will let me see folders and 
> sub folders but not files.

Generally I have found it's awkward to impossible to write to a
windows machine unless the account and smbpasswd entry match one
on the windows machine. Mounting usually works best if I use the
form that includes the username and password to use when mounting
the share.


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