smb.conf (a little help please)

jdow jdow at
Fri Jul 28 03:40:10 UTC 2006

From: "Justin Willmert" <justin at>
>>> Generally I have found it's awkward to impossible to write to a
>>> windows machine unless the account and smbpasswd entry match one
>>> on the windows machine. Mounting usually works best if I use the
>>> form that includes the username and password to use when mounting
>>> the share.
>>> {^_^}
>> I have had the same experience... could not write to the directory
>> unless the logon sequence was a user on the MS machine as well as the
>> appropriate password.  
>> Greg
> Let me guess, the MS machine was Windows XP Pro with simple file sharing 
> turned off? You need to make sure the "Everybody" group has nearly full 
> permissions when going to the security tab. Or (might not work; kind of 
> guessing here) you can turn on simple file sharing, unshare the 
> directory, reshare it (and watch permissions get applied to all the 
> files), and then it might work. Then you should be able to mount the 
> share with any username (except a windows-known user with incorrect 
> password) and password and it should work.

GACK! CHOKE! ARGH! Sinple file sharing is enough. But do NOT create
an anybody group with a lot of permissions. Windows is open enough to
cracking as it is. There is no sense opening it up even farther even
if you hate the damn thing. Any hacked Windows machine is a pain in
the sit down part of the anatomy for virtually every ISP and email
manager in the world. Please don't create a risk of adding to that
problem. {O.O}

> I know, it's scary...Giving Windows directions on a FC list, but with 
> the rest of the family using Windows machines (and my main laptop. My FC 
> computers don't have screens or keyboards), interoperability between my 
> FC (and my Windows laptop) and everyone else's computers has become my job.

Of course, Windows machines have purposes in life - running software
and hardware features that cannot or will not appear on Linux due
to conflicts and doubts with GPL. (Truth or not this is not worth
a flame. It is pure fact that there is software some people need to
run that will not appear on Linux any time before the Sun freezes over
just like there are things on Linux that will probably never get fed
to Windows before the Sun turns into a red giant star. When one must
do these things one uses the appropriate OS. <shrug>That's no big
deal if you accept it as an unfortunate necessity of life. It's like
weather. So it's not worth another flame war, guys.)

> Hope this helps...maybe...did we even *want* help with Windows???

Yeah, to a limited extent if it helps prevent problems for Linux
system administrators or email managers at some point in their lives.


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