Testing mod_perl

Ketut Mahaindra ketut.mahaindra at gemalto.com
Fri Jul 28 05:30:06 UTC 2006


You may try to follow some Apache configuration and test page creation 
as mentioned in: 
See the section on Perl almost at the bottom section of the page.

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Chong Yu Meng wrote:
> Hi all,
> I have just setup a new server and installed Apache on it. I have a
> requirement for mod_perl to be installed. I did a "yum install mod_perl"
> which executed with no errors. 
> What I would like to know is: is there a way to test that mod_perl has
> been installed correctly? Something along the lines of say <?
> phpinfo(); ?> in php, which displays something so that I can verify that
> it is installed and working correctly?
> TIA.

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