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Tony Nelson tonynelson at georgeanelson.com
Fri Jul 28 15:06:26 UTC 2006

At 3:35 PM +0100 7/28/06, Anne Wilson wrote:

>On Friday 28 July 2006 15:13, Aaron Konstam wrote:
>> On Thu, 2006-07-27 at 23:14 +0100, Anne Wilson wrote:
>> > On Thursday 27 July 2006 19:38, Anne Wilson wrote:
>> > > Although I can only speculate why.
>> > >
>> > > My new disks didn't arrive today, and I haven't yet ordered the new
>> > > drive, so not expecting any success I stuck in a once-used DVD-RW disk
>> > > and fired up k3b.  I set it to burn at 2x and verify.  'All files seem
>> > > binary equal' - and it reads in konqueror on this box.
>> > >
>> > > So - disk format?  Possibly.  Burn speed?  I think I'm backing that in
>> > > the light of previous experiences.
>> > >
>> > > Thanks to all the people who tried so hard to help me.  I think I'll
>> > > probably still get a new drive, though.
>> >
>> > I realise now that the disk that did burn correctly was not a DVD-R, but
>> > a DVD+R.  Previously the drive had burned either type.  I have tried
>> > several -R and -RW disks in k3b, and k3b did not recognise any of them.
>> > (The one that apparently burned from cdrecord/command-line yet could not
>> > be read is a separate mystery.)  I have now burned another backup onto a
>> > DVD-RW disk.
>> >
>That should have said 'onto a DVD+RW' disk.  Sorry, it was very late by then.
>> > So, it seems that either k3b, cdrecord, or the drive, no longer will
>> > accept -R or 0RW disks.
>or -RW disks.
>> cdrecord -prcap
>> will display all this informaation on the capabilities of your DVD
>> drive.
>That's very interesting.  It says that the drive can burn DVDs up to 6x.  The
>only format of DVD that it claims to write is DVD-R - the very one that was
>giving me problems.  DVD+R and DVD+RW are not mentioned at all.  The drive
>must be older than I thought!

No.  Cdrecord has no knowledge of DVD+Plus, won't list it, and can't
actually burn it.  I suspect that some drives attempt to translate DVD-Dash
commands to burn Plus media if that's what's in the drive, which would be
why it seems to work in some cases.

Growisofs does know about DVD+Plus.  For Plus media one should use
growisofs and not cdrecord.

>It looks as though most drives offered now are double-layer.  I presume that
>they are generally supported?  I don't see myself writing double-layer for
>some time :-)

Most current drives are double-layer, and growisofs supports them.  Be
careful what you pick up, though, as stores often have a mix of brand new
and years-old drives.  Look at the date on the drive.  Plan on updating its
bios when you get it home.
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