Minimal install for "git" on FC5 ?

Andrew D. Stadler astadler at
Fri Jul 28 18:20:30 UTC 2006

On another list where I've been working out some ATI driver issues,  
it's been suggested that I use the "git bisect" tool to try and  
narrow down where the problem crept into the driver.  So now I need  
to install "git" on my FC5 system.

I ran "Add/Remove Software" and selected Development -> Development  
Tools -> Optional Packages and found "git".  This selected  

The dependencies, however, seem a bit heavyweight.  apr?  cvs tools?   
subversion?  perl?  postrgresql?

Does the baseline git really need all of this?  I just want to run  
'git clone' and 'git bisect'.  I don't use cvs or subversion, for  

I'm just wondering if there's a lighter weight way to install a  
minimal git on my system.

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