software raid drive failed, please provide step bu step to rebuild

Dan Carl danc at
Fri Jul 28 21:29:33 UTC 2006

I have/had a software raid running and sdc drive failed.
I got a replacement drive today and installed it.
My only experience with set partitions and raids in during initail setup.
I could not fdisk the new drive because i guess it wasn't reconized so I
Now I can reach the drive via fdisk but I have made more problems now (no
swap now)
and I'm not sure the steps to rebuild.
I have a FC3 with a software raid.
I have 3 SCSI 18gb hard drives
If I recall this how I set it up
md0 /boot 100MB raid 1 sda, sdb and sdc as spare
md1 /swp 768MB raid 0 sda, sdb, sdc
md2 / ext3 33GB raid 5 sda, sdb, sdc

Can someone please help?

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