IPTABLES question

Michael P. Brininstool mikepb at hoplite.org
Fri Jul 28 23:08:48 UTC 2006


>>>> I know that the preferred way of controlling access is to use 
>>>> whitelists, but for my case I'd like to use IP blacklisting.

>>> At some point it affects performance. There are some workarounds.
>>> What problem are you trying to solve? What causes you to block an IP?

>I second the suggestion about running SSHD on a different port. It's
>removed all my script kiddie attacks.   See /etc/ssh/sshd_config to enable.

Moving ssh to a different port seems to be the easiest way, but eventually
the scripts find the new port and start whacking it instead -- iptables
blocking is IMNSHO, a "better way" -- in that they can be logged -- useful
when you call in the feds.  (Of course honeypots are even better....)

This is what I have done to block over 2400 ip blocks with no performance
hit measurable.  Of course, I whitelist some very common blocks first, so
they avoid any delays, and most everyone else SHOULD be blocked so a delay I
care not about.  Snippets only...

-A INPUT -i eth1 -d MY.EXTERNAL.IP -j ext_in

-A ext_in -p tcp -m tcp --dport 22 -j sshblock

-A sshblock -s G.0.0.D/I.P.BLCK.1 -j ACCEPT
-A sshblock -s G.0.0.D/I.P.BLCK.2 -j ACCEPT
-A sshblock -s -j sshblock0
-A sshblock -s -j sshblock64
-A sshblock -s -j sshblock128
-A sshblock -s -j sshblock192
-A sshblock -s -j sshdrop
-A sshblock -j ACCEPT

sshblock0 gets addresses in through
sshblock64 gets addresses in through
sshblock128 gets addresses in through
sshblock192 gets addresses in through through goes to sshdrop (which logs as
"DROPPED_SSH_PACKET " and drops)

To help performance even further, the SYN flag can be added to the check for
port 22 above, provided a "RELATED,ESTABLISHED" line exists in the same

I forgot the URL, but there is a site that has a database of IP block
assignments.  I periodically go to that site and download the blocks for
countries I NEVER want to receive email or ssh connections from, like CN,
KR, MY, VN, FR, TW, BR, etc, and add them to the sshblock and smtpblock


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