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Sat Jul 29 13:45:32 UTC 2006

on 07/28/2006 10:02 AM Patrick Doyle wrote:
> Does anybody else on this list use the "bash-completion" package?
I do.

> I installed it with:
> $ sudo yum install bash-completion
> becase I missed the feature of being able to type
> $ set -o ign<TAB>
> and have it expand to
> $ set -o ignoreeof
> Well, now I've got that feature again (hooray), and a host of other
> nifty looking features, such as:
> $ ssh <TAB> -- to get a list of hosts to which I might want to connect
yup, I like that too. I also like when
mplayer <Tab><Tab>
gives me the list of files with specific extensions only (i.e. avi, mpg...)

Oleksandr Korneta

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