Anti-Novell press briefing may not play well with Xensource

Andy Green andy at
Mon Jul 31 11:41:48 UTC 2006

Xen not ready for prime-time, says Red Hat

By Renai LeMay, ZDNet Australia
31 July 2006 06:04 PM

A senior Red Hat executive today maintained the Xen open source 
virtualisation environment was not yet ready for enterprise use, despite 
"unbelievable" customer demand and the fact rival Novell has already 
started shipping the software.

Xen, which is primarily being developed by US-based startup XenSource, 
allows users to run multiple operating systems as guest virtual machines 
on the same hardware, potentially allowing for greater utilisation of 

But while rival Novell this month started shipping the software with 
version 10 of its SUSE Linux Enterprise Server environment, Red Hat 
continues to have a lack of confidence in the virtualisation newcomer.

"XenSource is not stable yet, it's not ready for the enterprise," Red 
Hat's vice president of International Operations, Alex Pinchev, told 
ZDNet Australia today via telephone.

"We don't feel that XenSource is stable enough to address banking, 
telco, or any other enterprise customer, so until we are comfortable, we 
will not release it."

Taking the customer viewpoint, he said: "If the National Australia Bank 
wants to implement virtualisation and it's not stable, you can imagine 
what they will tell us."

Instead of trying to play catch up with Novell and simply shipping Xen 
as included software with Red Hat's operating system, Red Hat will 
attempt to build a full virtualisation platform around the product in 
the next version of its Red Hat Enterprise Linux server software, due to 
be released in December.

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