FC Pine passfile default? Maintainer(s)?

Beartooth beartooth at adelphia.net
Fri Jun 2 20:22:39 UTC 2006

On Thu, 01 Jun 2006 06:51:34 +0800, Ed Greshko wrote:

>> Nope, sorry. That's beyond me, and no one on c.m.p suggested it. I suspect
>> you're overestimating me vastly.
> Sorry...  Generally people get very upset when you underestimate them.

Yes, I know; so I try to be up front about my ignorance.
>>> If you did, and  there is a passfile argument, then at least you know
>>> that passfile support was compiled in.
>> I just did it and got : 
>> [btth at localhost ~]$ pine -h | grep -i passfile
>>  -passfile <fully_qualified_filename>   Set the password file to something other
>>  -nowrite_passfile      Read from a passfile if there is one, but never offer to write a password to the passfile
>> [btth at localhost ~]$
>> That's also beyond me -- especially inasmuch as there is no "than"
>> correlated with the "other" -- nor do I get the point of the "never"
> FWIW, the "-h" parameter generally means "help".  Should you want to
> read the entire help just type "pine -h".

Hmmm ... The "than" that I missed shows now. Fwiw, there's quite a bit in
there that I don't get, but more that I know, and a few things that may be
ones I've been looking for; very interesting, thanks -- I didn't realize
the -h worked for pine. (I had tried man pine and info pine.)

>>> Next, if the maintainer was nice, you should try going into pine's
>>> help section and seeing if the default passfile is documented.
> The maintainer of livna was even nicer and has already replied to you.

Yes, that began as a reply direct to me, which he then apparently decided
also to post here -- and I'm glad, because I wasn't sure if it were OT.

>> The only helps I know for pine are either vast beyond imagining, or
>> else tied to specific items in M > S > C ; so I don't know where nor
>> how you mean me to look.
>>> If not, then you should find the pine src file in the given repository
>>> and look in the spec file.  It is probably listed there.
>> What's an src file? I don't hope ever to be competent with source code,
>> if it has something to do with that -- nor does pine, afaik, require me
>> to be.

> To use pine, no.  To learn its hidden secrets, maybe yes.

All right, where do I find an explanation of an src file? I tried 

[btth at localhost ~]$ whereis pine.spec
pine: /usr/bin/pine /etc/pine.conf /usr/share/man/man1/pine.1.gz
[btth at localhost ~]$

and then looked through those with various commands. Watched for src, too,
and didn't see it, either.

> FWIW, when you ask questions for which there is no ready answer it may
> require one of two things.  Either someone would have to know the answer
> and tell you...or someone would have to dig for the answer.  That
> "someone" could be you....or it could be someone kind person willing to
> do the digging for you.

Well, I suppose I should have detailed my flounderings, looking in man
pine, .pinerc, pine.conf, google, etc.; I would have on a pine list, but
didn't expect anyone here to be interested. (Is there an acronym for *on*

> FYI, the answer was in the pine.spec file.  While you are probably not
> interested in learning the gory details...never mind.

I can't seem to find any pine.spec -- not with whereis, not in man pine,
and not with the GUI searcher in FC5.

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