sendmail questions about deferred messages

Ambrogio fn050202 at
Sun Jun 4 17:39:59 UTC 2006

Il giorno dom, 04/06/2006 alle 22.01 +0930, Tim ha scritto:
> On Sun, 2006-06-04 at 12:38 +0200, Ambrogio wrote:
> > I noted that sometime messages still in queue, whit a deferred time.
> I think you'd need to provide some examples/logs for someone else to
> figure that out, but a few things spring to mind:
> On a *network* messages could get deferred if they couldn't be delivered
> to another computer because it wasn't reachable at the time, or it
> specifically responded that it couldn't accept delivery.  Or, if a DNS
> server doesn't provide an answer for the domain attempting to be
> e-mailed, at the time.

Well, this is my first problem, but this is not the real problem.
If I send mail to recipient, and the redhat server tell to my
sendmail to try later because he is busy, I can wait for at least 20
minutes and retry. This job is done by sendmail (I think and I hope

The other problem I think is related to my MTA.
Messages fetched by fetchmail and processed by procmail, filtered for
spam, and routed to my local account remain queued for minutes.
When the queue reach about 20-25 messages, fetchmail pause to retrieve
mail until the queue goes below 20 messages.
I see a lot of dns query, even if I think there is nothing to query.
Maybe I didn't understand some rules about fetchmail, procmail and

My fetchmailrc is:
poll protocol POP3 uidl username "*****" password "*****" ;
poll protocol POP3 uidl tracepolls username "***" password "***" ;
poll protocol POP3 uidl username "***" password "***" ;
poll protocol POP3 uidl tracepolls username "***" password "***" fetchlimit 100;
poll protocol POP3 uidl username "***" password "***" keep mda "/usr/bin/procmail -p";

I added fetchlimit to my major account otherwise I'm unable to fetch all
mail in a single call for the reason told above.

My procmailrc is:

| bogofilter -p -l -e --spam-header-name=X-Ambrogio-bogo


this filter messages with bogofilter, add a header and deliver it with

I didn't try add in the fetchmailrc the rule user ** is yy here.
Can it help me in delivery?

tnx to all

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