Glabels templates help please

Thomas Taylor linxt at
Mon Jun 5 22:01:49 UTC 2006

 Since I don't know XML and don't have much time for learning another new 
language, perhaps someone here would provide me with some template help.

I want to print labels from Avery 8960 pages.  These are full face CD/DVD 
labels which are not included in the current Glabels templates, at least I 
haven't found them yet.  Wondering if some of you users out there have 
created this template and would be willing to share it.

Another problem I'm having is the vertical specing on an Avery 8696 label.  
I'm using an Epson Photo Stylist 2200 and when I try to print this label, it 
ends up being about a half inch low.  


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