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anthony baldwin anthonybaldwin06 at comcast.net
Wed Jun 7 11:27:03 UTC 2006

>> -Andy
> Personally I prefer Gnome, but then that is my choice.  One thing I 
> like about Linux when compared to that other operating system is one 
> does have choices.
> My feeling is the core of Fedora at 5 cd's is getting a little out of 
> hand; if I may make a suggestion in this area why not reduce the core 
> to a true minimum needed to intiate an installation and create bundles 
> of extras on various particular themes  such as the KDE extras 
> bundle.  This way after I have downloaded the mandatory core I could 
> select the various extra bundles that contain other ares I am 
> interested in.  As things are now I am just installing desktops, I 
> don't need the server options.  If I had the option to not download 
> server applications I would save on band width when downloading the 
> iso's, if at a later date I find I need to install servers I could 
> always download the "server extras" or which ever ones I have chosen 
> to not install at this time.
> Norm
That makes sense....
I would prefer to DL just want I want to install.
Like a desktop with KDE, no server stuff, no gnome.


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