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jdow jdow at earthlink.net
Wed Jun 7 22:09:01 UTC 2006

From: "Ralf Corsepius" <rc040203 at freenet.de>

> On Wed, 2006-06-07 at 11:35 +0100, Andy Green wrote:
>> Norm wrote:
>> > Personally I prefer Gnome, but then that is my choice.  One thing I like 
>> > about Linux when compared to that other operating system is one does 
>> > have choices.
>> > My feeling is the core of Fedora at 5 cd's is getting a little out of 
>> > hand; if I may make a suggestion in this area why not reduce the core to 
>> > a true minimum needed to intiate an installation and create bundles of 
>> I have suggested this before, only much more hard'core'.  The "true 
>> minimum' needed to initiate an installation is a relatively small 
>> packageset that does not require X or a Desktop Environment, in fact I 
>> proposed to precook that minimum into a tarball and poop it onto your 
>> HDD in one shot, boot into that and bring in what you need in a < 1 
>> minute install action.
>> Put another way, no playing favourites, blow Gnome into Extras too, turn 
>> the actual 'core' into something that is good for Firewalls, routers, 
>> server duties AND the basis of a Desktop box.
> +1
> Ralf

Just off hand I did not think making sense was allowed on this list.
Were I Andy I'd be afraid they'd ban me or something. I'll add another


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