kde in extras - the devel discussion

Norm norm at workingtools.ca
Wed Jun 7 23:20:25 UTC 2006

anthony baldwin wrote:
> Mike Cohler wrote:
>> I see that there is a long thread in fedora-devel about whether to
>> push KDE out into extras. There are a lot of people out there (Linus T
>> for one !) who feel that KDE should be part of the OS.  I would hate
>> to see KDE pushed out of the core.
>> What do you think ?
> I think KDE should be default and Gnome in extras.
> I always use KDE, but I do use various gnome pkgs, too.
> But I realize that this is all a matter of opinion.
> I know other people that use neither KDE no Gnome.
> And that´s okay, too.
> Hey...it´s all about freedom and choice here, isn´t it?
> tony
I am somewhat of a newcomer to Linux and at a loss to understand the 
almost fanatical support of KDE.  When I was first exposed to Linux in 
RH9 I found that KDE did not work consistently and chose to use GNome.  
Recently I have started to use core 5.   KDE may work well in the 
current distro but I have become more familiar with GNome; apart from a 
personal preference I can see no technical reason to consider one better 
than the other.  I assume by the strong support from many there may be a 
technical reason to support KDE over GNome, what are they.

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