[ltp] Ubuntu Dapper on a22p - 1 data pt.

Paul Michael Reilly pmr at pajato.com
Thu Jun 8 08:22:05 UTC 2006

Harry Mangalam <hjm at tacgi.com> writes:

 > It's interesting that your experience with apt essentially mirrors mine with 
 > yum.  Yum is an improvement on RPM or urpm, but it still seems unnecessarily 
 > slow, and apps quite sparse compared to apt which I find near-instantaneous 
 > and nearly always correct.  Especially with things as critical as kernel 
 > upgrades.  I've hit a couple nasty wedges, but only a couple.  And I can't 
 > really comment too knowledgeably about synaptic as I use the commandline apt 
 > commands.

It's hard for me to imagine that apt could be so much faster than yum
that that alone would make the basis for choosing apt, or a Debian
based system.  I am curious how you would have solved two problems
with apt:

1) Tell me where the package is that contains sshd?

2) Given a list of "features" missing from running the configure script
for Emacs, for example no X11 headers, no Xaw support, etc, how would
you have obtained the requisite packages using apt?

If either problem occurred on Fedora, yum search provides the
requisite packages more than adequately.  I will probably play with
Xubuntu some more in the future, most likely using Zen on Fedora, if
only because Xfce is the desktop I would have created left to my own
devices, and learning more about apt is definitely in order.  FWIW,
Both Gnome and KDE leave me blah for one reason or another, although
both have legions of believers.

Thanks for your comments.


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