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Matthew Saltzman mjs at
Thu Jun 8 23:42:25 UTC 2006

On Thu, 8 Jun 2006, Craig White wrote:

> On Thu, 2006-06-08 at 13:22 -0700, Joel Gomberg wrote:
>> Keith G. Robertson-Turner wrote:
>>> Frankly, if it wasn't for Beagle and the clock, I wouldn't have anything
>>> to do with Evolution on this system - I'd much prefer it that way.
>>> I don't use Evolution - I don't want Evolution - but I have to install
>>> it for it's dependants.

Which ones specifically?

$ rpm -q --whatrequires evolution
no package requires evolution

>> The FC5 RPM has Evolution as a dependency for Beagle, but Beagle can be
>> compiled without evo.  That's what I've done.  I wish the Fedora
>> maintainer would eliminate the dependency so that I could install Beagle
>>   with the RPM. I'm not going to install Evolution just to satisfy a
>> non-existent requirement.

$ rpm -q --requires beagle|grep evo
mono(evolution-sharp) =
$ rpm -q --requires evolution-sharp|grep evo
$ rpm -q --requires evolution-data-server|grep evo

"Nonexistent requirement" indeed.

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> You should know the mantra...
> it ain't a bug if it ain't in bugzilla

The converse is not true, however...

> Craig

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