FC5 - Help on Hardware Config

Sriram Narayanan nsriram-list at airtelbroadband.in
Sun Jun 11 14:34:15 UTC 2006

Hi everybody!

I had recently installed FC5 and had worked up to make it play MP3,
WindzCodecs Video files, Flash Plugin for FireFox, etc (Of course - few
from Jem Report and rest by Google'ying).

Now, my system is looking / running pretty good - stable until now.

Three, Components I have not get it to work, which are as follows:

[1] Zebronic WebCam IC100 - Nothing Happens.
KinfoCenter reports the same as follows:
	Generic Digital camera 
	Manufacturer: Sunplus Technology Co., Ltd.

[2] TV Turner / Capture Card (Intex Brand bought in India) 
	FC5 Identified as Philips Chip

[3] USB BlueTooth Dongle - It is working  (Hcitool), but not able to
pair it with my TREO650 GSM Mobile Phone. Is there a GUI based utility
tool for using Bluetooth in FC5.

Any help / pointers is highly appreciated.

Cheers, Sriram

Intel PIV 3.0 Ghz / 1 GB RAM / Sony DVD-R/W / HDD - 160 GB Seagate & 80
GB SATA Seagate / 17" Samsung SyncMaster 793MB / Bluetooth USB Dongle

Yet to Configure: Intex TV Turner-Capture Card & Zebronics Web CAM IC100

Operating System - Only Fedora Core 5

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